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       Why West Lothian?                                              

The branch is certainly well established, and has a current membership of approximately sixty people of all ages and sexes. Small enough so that you are not just a number, large enough to provide experience, expertise and continuity. Over the last 45 years the branch has progressed from strength to strength.
Experience - What all this means in practice is that we have a good mix of trained, experienced divers in the club, both to help with training and, almost as importantly, ensure that the social dimension of the club is maintained.
Qualified Instructors -Within the branch there are many qualified instructors and experienced divers to assist with training, of key importance when it comes to quickly and confidently progressing through your training and onto your initial qualification. At the same time you can rest assured that the pace at which you progress through your training will be your own and no one else.
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       How Do I Join?                                               

West Lothian Sub aqua is one of the largest scuba diving branches in Scotland. We have dedicated and experienced instructors for all levels of training. We dive on a regular basis with excursions all over the east and west coasts of the country.
We also offer our club compressor for members of the branch. And with equipment available for hire, the club has everything you need weather you are taking your first steps into scuba or if you are a seasoned veteran.
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       What will it cost?                                             

The The following membership prices apply to join the West Lothian Sub-Aqua club and gain access to the benefits listed above :

First Year membership
(or £80 joining fee, £10 per month thereafter)

Second Year
(Or spread payments £10 per month)

Associate (non-diver)


Please remember that, as described above, anyone wishing to join West Lothian Sub-Aqua club must already be a member of ScotSAC (Scottish Sub-Aqua Club). You can find out more about this on the ScotSAC website here , or come and see us and we will guide you through the whole process.
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       So what are you waiting for?                                              

Hopefully we will see you at the pool, and we can pass on some of our enthusiasm for the sport. We are sure that you will grow to love the sport, just as we have.
Why not get in contact with us now?! A member of the branch can help you with all you need to know. We can even set you up with a try-dive, with no obligation to join!