Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

There are times when you will be required to deploy a Delayed Surface Marker Buoy (DSMB), mostly to let covering boats know your location for recreational divers. However these can be used in a variety of other situations. See below for an overview of how to deploy a DSMB

DSBM Deployment

  1. The Delayed Surface Marker Buoy ( DSMB) should have a length of line approx 8 metres long attached with a small weight on the end of this line. The whole thing is rolled up and kept in the BC pocket.

  2. Ascend to 5m.

  3. Take out the DSMB and let the line unwind, the weight will keep the line vertical and not drifting around.

  4. Gently inflate the DSMB with your octopus, and let it rise to the surface.

  5. Complete your safety stop, holding the line lightly in your hand.

  6. Ascend the line after the safety stop at the recommended rate.

  7. On the surface fully inflate the DSMB if necessary.

  8. Let the boat cover pick up the DSMB before you.